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farnsworth-book-coverHOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS, FARNSWORTH? is an ebook collection of holiday essays from the Wesley Writers’ Workshop.

Two amazing authors, Steve Fiffer and Sharon Sloan Fiffer, founded the Wesley Writers’ Workshop in 2009. They’ve encouraged every member to write from the heart, which is exactly what I did when I wrote a prompt-inspired poem for our first holiday party.  My piece, entitled SNOW, is included in this collection of work (fiction, memoir, poetry and a limerick) from 18 of the wonderful Wesley Writers.

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MY LIFE AFLOAT is a 60,000 word, middle-grade novel for readers 8-13 years old,currently out on submission with Gail Hochman of Brandt & Hochman Literary Agents, Inc.

DSC_0081The main character, twelve-year-old Maeve Winters, reveals how the U.S. economic recession touches the often overlooked feelings of a young person.

Maeve’s name rhymes with wave, and that’s exactly what she rides every day, now that both of her parents are unemployed.

Things are changing so fast for Maeve and her older brother, Ben, like selling the house and the car, cutting back on EVERYTHING, and trying, as Mom and Dad suggest, to “just act normal”. But how can anyone act normal when everything in your life feels broken?

Maeve’s internal quest is to get her family back to the way it used to be, in their old neighborhood, back to the comfortable life she took for granted. She’ll do anything she can to make it happen, as observed by her external quest of cutting back on everything like ice skating and her endless pursuit of a cell phone; she even holds an impromptu yard sale and attempts to find her parents the perfect jobs. However, as Maeve realizes what really matters in life, her fog lifts and she sees more clearly how important it is — no matter where — to simply have her family living under one roof.

As the heat turns up and her family’s chance of staying in Evanston goes down, Maeve’s former life drifts away. She senses her family will never be at anchor again, and Maeve doubts she even has what it takes to help them find one.

I began working on the manuscript in 2008, and have workshopped, critiqued, revised, conferenced, slept with, and dreamed about it every day since then.

This will be my first novel.




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