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Christine Wolf, Writer

Thanks for visiting my website. I’m really glad you’re here.

First, here’s a little about me. Then, please let me know a little about you!

I’m five feet tall and I will never be taller.

People call me Tinywolf. I think that’s really cool.

I was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

I’m a fast writer and a slow reader.

I cry easily.

I never remember jokes, but I will always remember your face.


The finest writing will change the world or save a life.

flowerDriven by a passion for character analysis, my writing style is pure human interest. I’m fascinated by the stories we tell and the universal struggles we face while navigating our unique, unchartered lives. As a reader, I consider biographies the ultimate roadmaps of human existence. And as a writer, I’m honored to excavate, document and share the shimmering moments and inspired paths of my subjects so that readers might find deeper purpose and meaning for themselves.

Currently, I’m working with agents and publishers on a nonfiction/medical memoir manuscript. My first novel, represented by Gail Hochman, is circulating among several publishers.

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